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ioedeveloper 74dfc105aa Copy docker files/config to root directory 3 years ago
ioedeveloper 4a2f1aa510 Move remix-ide files into subdir 3 years ago
ioedeveloper 5fc2e385bc Updated remix-ide repo 3 years ago
ioedeveloper 2a587b78cd Updated remix-ide 3 years ago
ioedeveloper d9392d2064 Moved remix-ide to subdirectory 3 years ago
ioedeveloper 905adadd23 moved remix-ide into subdirectory 3 years ago
yann300 5cc88e476e show app upon css load & add splashscreen 4 years ago
yann300 fa33283e33 only 2 explorers - browser and localhost 4 years ago
yann300 ca7cbd3d5e
always default to 0.8 4 years ago
yann300 d9c8bf1c55 saucelabs ref 4 years ago
yann300 ba50933a1e switch to previous version 4 years ago
Rob Stupay 2efd624210 update to fa5 - no shims 5 years ago
Rob Stupay 79c246898b step 1 of bootstrap 5 years ago
yann300 f550bd8cff module split 6 years ago
yann300 d12130e831 remove unneeded css ref 6 years ago
yann300 e4b63693a9 remove ref of universal-dapp.css 6 years ago
Rob Stupay 1a260c518c updated for alert 6 years ago
serapath 0850d33b32 REFACTOR (1) html markupto prepare for adding dom-terminal 6 years ago
yann300 b23039319b update tutorial url 6 years ago
yann300 2aed87988b system files 6 years ago
ninabreznik c6a60897d2 Somehow working refactoring 6 years ago
ninabreznik 35c731ad8f Fix link to documentation 6 years ago
ninabreznik a86f23851a Remove spinner from contract tab, add warning msg, moved settings tab to second place 6 years ago
ninabreznik 22cb31f9c3 Add loaderSpinner 6 years ago
ninabreznik 65d7000347 Change default tab to contract 6 years ago
ninabreznik fc629f5709 Rearange tabs - contract first tab 6 years ago
yann300 ff0e88472e remix doc link 6 years ago
yann300 52bd422757 change page title 6 years ago
ninabreznik 267e56ae74 Resizing, styling fixes... 6 years ago
ninabreznik 695dcf323a Applied basic unified styling on each tab component, using style-sheet 7 years ago
ninabreznik a9a2b7d3e5 Move tab views in separate files: contract-tab.js, settings-tab.js, debugger-tab.js, analysis-tab.js, files-tab.js 7 years ago
serapath 40f8abe827 add file explorer 7 years ago
yann300 86265f3e95 hide `Gas Price` 7 years ago
ninabreznik 69b15fd37b Rename and restructure tabs and content in righthand panel 7 years ago
Dan Finlay f8b9e16d14 Uppercase DOCTYPE in html header tag 7 years ago
Dan Finlay 217ac88c04 Add html doctype 7 years ago
serapath 09c219ac23 ADD better menu bar icons 7 years ago
yann300 1902212a02 Update index.html 7 years ago
yann300 d8757df595 remix logo 7 years ago
Alex Beregszaszi 215306dd6b Replace upload icon with folder open 7 years ago
Tjaden Hess d32cdaf217 Clarify wording 7 years ago
yann300 c65476ffad use font-awesome.css for button 7 years ago
yann300 264163403e integrate to app, renderer 7 years ago
Alex Beregszaszi ff65dbd373 Move ballot example into src/app/example-contracts 7 years ago
yann300 7696ff1db1 fix tests 7 years ago
Alex Beregszaszi f386476393 Support disabling automatic code compilation 7 years ago
Alex Beregszaszi 3cea49f6f6 Introduce compile button 7 years ago
Alex Beregszaszi 091478ec1e Load version list from list.json 7 years ago
yann300 c49b9c2e8b version number 7 years ago
chriseth 519dbe2d4a Provide formal verification input. 7 years ago