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remixd is a tool that intend to be used with Remix IDE (aka. Browser-Solidity). It allows a websocket connection between Remix IDE (web application) and the local computer.

Practically Remix IDE makes available a folder shared by remixd.

More details are explained in this tutorial.

Alternatively remixd can be used to setup a development environment that can be used with other popular frameworks like Embark, Truffle, Ganache, etc..

remixd needs npm and node


yarn global add @remix-project/remixd

Warning for old users

There is a new version of remixd with a new npm address: If you were using the old one you need to:

  1. uninstall the old one: npm uninstall -g remixd
  2. install the new: yarn global add @remix-project/remixd


Usage: remixd -s <shared folder>

Provide a two-way connection between the local computer and Remix IDE

  -v, --version               output the version number
  -u, --remix-ide  <url>      URL of remix instance allowed to connect to this web sockect connection
  -s, --shared-folder <path>  Folder to share with Remix IDE
  -r, --read-only             Treat shared folder as read-only (experimental)
  -h, --help                  output usage information


    remixd -s ./ -u http://localhost:8080


remixd -s <absolute-path> --remix-ide

The current user should have read/write access to the folder (at least read access).

It is important to notice that changes made to the current file in Remix IDE are automatically saved to the local computer every 5000 ms. There is no Save action. But the Ctrl-Z (undo) can be used.

Furthermore :

  • No copy of the shared folder are kept in the browser storage.
  • It is not possible to create a file from Remix IDE (that might change).
  • If a folder does not contain any file, the folder will not be displayed in the explorer (that might change).
  • Symbolic links are not forwarded to Remix IDE.