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John Wren Kennedy df5ea74ff6
Assorted parameter changes for performance tests
2 days ago
.github CI: don't install abigail-tools 3 weeks ago
cmd Use fallthrough macro 1 week ago
config Use fallthrough macro 1 week ago
contrib Fix plymouth passphrase prompt with dracut 3 months ago
etc systemd: import: expand $ZPOOL_IMPORT_OPTS correctly 3 months ago
include Upstream: unmount snapshots before destroying them on macOS 3 days ago
lib Upstream: unmount snapshots before destroying them on macOS 3 days ago
man Extend zpool-iostat to account for ZIO_PRIORITY_REBUILD (#12319) 4 weeks ago
module Handle partial reads in zfs_read 3 days ago
rpm Added uncompress requirement 3 months ago
scripts Add -r flag to reload modules 1 month ago
tests Assorted parameter changes for performance tests 2 days ago
udev Udev rules: remove zvol compat symlinks (without the leading zvol/) 3 months ago
.editorconfig Add an .editorconfig; document git whitespace settings 2 years ago
.gitignore Add FreeBSD support to OpenZFS 1 year ago
.gitmodules .gitmodules: link to openzfs github repository 5 months ago
AUTHORS Add zstd support to zfs 1 year ago Replace ZFS on Linux references with OpenZFS 12 months ago
COPYRIGHT Fix typos 1 year ago
LICENSE Update build system and packaging 3 years ago
META Linux 5.14 compat: META 1 week ago Check for libabigail version 3 weeks ago
NEWS Fix NEWS file 1 year ago
NOTICE Prepare SPL repo to merge with ZFS repo 3 years ago Update FreeBSD versions 6 months ago Add file 6 months ago
TEST Remove CI builder customization from TEST 2 years ago Cause to fail if autoreconf fails 3 years ago ZTS: Add tests for creation time 1 month ago
copy-builtin copy-builtin: posix conformance 5 months ago Move zfs.release generation to configure step 9 years ago


OpenZFS is an advanced file system and volume manager which was originally developed for Solaris and is now maintained by the OpenZFS community. This repository contains the code for running OpenZFS on Linux and FreeBSD.

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Official Resources


Full documentation for installing OpenZFS on your favorite operating system can be found at the Getting Started Page.

Contribute & Develop

We have a separate document with contribution guidelines.

We have a Code of Conduct.


OpenZFS is released under a CDDL license. For more details see the NOTICE, LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files; UCRL-CODE-235197

Supported Kernels

  • The META file contains the officially recognized supported Linux kernel versions.
  • Supported FreeBSD versions are any supported branches and releases starting from 12.2-RELEASE.